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August 2017: Rachel Schuld

July 2017: Hope Haven receives National APSE Award


June 2017: Michael Lentz


May 2017: Nick Olson


February 2017: Jim Trier


December 2016: Joe Porcelli


November 2016: My Choice


May 2016: Sondra Marnin


April 2016: Dakota


March 2016: Jacob, Katherine & Ashley


February 2016: Jeff & Stephanie


December 2015: Success Stories: Collaboration Works for Devin


June 2015: Congratulations Ashlea Lantz, the 2015 recipient of the APSE Rebecca McDonald Award!


April 2015: Adam & Stacey


October 2014: National Disability Employment Awareness Month


June 2014: Success Stories: Don “I like my job and want to stay working here”.


July 2014: Joe Mara Talks About his Integrated Job


August 2014: Melissa & Katie



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